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I cut my hair not to please you, but to please me. I color it colors of the rainbow to make me happy. Not you. I write to lighten my mind not to humor you. I empty my thoughts onto the pages my emotions taking shape my mind emptying. If you read my words I… Continue reading Like Me

book obsessed

– 5 Characters I’ll Never Stop Loving –

There are so many good books out there with sooo many characters that I totally wish I could meet in real life. Whether it be because I find them funny, inspiring, or just want to get to see them in action, I've got a long list. And when I say long list, I mean a looooong list. So… Continue reading – 5 Characters I’ll Never Stop Loving –

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{obligatory} | Autumn Tag |

{yes i have christmas music playing right now, and yes this is an "autumnal" post but it's november and you can't stop me} I gathered these questions from several different blogs and Pinterest, as this tag has been around for ages. So yay! I'm finally getting around to it. 🍂 1. What signifies the start… Continue reading {obligatory} | Autumn Tag |


home |sweet?|home

"Home: the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household." I don't know what home is anymore. I know that a house is a building made of walls and rooms with beds and showers and sinks and an oven, with a yard for kids to play in or to grow… Continue reading home |sweet?|home

book obsessed

Autumn |Reads|

I love to match my books to the seasons, and if I'm being honest this time of year is my favorite time to read. (surprise, surprise) When the weather gets cooler, and the skies get darker, I tend to grab darker, grittier, and spookier reads. And sometimes I just can't help but grab one bound… Continue reading Autumn |Reads|

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Mixtape :: Autumn

Autumn is for dark cozy days, chunky sweaters and cups of hot drinks, fires and foods full of spices, and acoustic music. I always change my go to playlist with the seasons, and Autumn might be my favorite to transition into. Now what makes music autumnal? No idea. For me personally, it's acoustic sounding, soft… Continue reading Mixtape :: Autumn


May Ramblings > Leaving China

This is a post that got lost in the madness that was us moving back halfway across the world. I wrote these things as we packed everything up and hoooooo boy was it a crazy week. *casually travels back in time* >><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><< Today is May 17th. For you reading this in the states, it’s May… Continue reading May Ramblings > Leaving China