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Handfuls of Letters

I love writing. I love the way words can be put together to create sentences and paragraphs, and how you can tell one person's sentences from another. We all write differently, express ourselves differently, etc. It's the same process, just with a different outcome. I don't write music, but I listen to people who do.… Continue reading Handfuls of Letters


Gilmore Girls Characters Sum Up Every Single Girl’s {Valentine’s Day}

'Gilmore Girls' has got to be one of the most relatable shows out there. The fast paced dialogue which is 99% sarcasm and sass, is full of fabulous one liners that you can't help but use on a daily basis. I had this odd idea for a post the other day and thought, "Why not?"… Continue reading Gilmore Girls Characters Sum Up Every Single Girl’s {Valentine’s Day}


The Story Behind ‘So I Thought’

For those of you who have been following me on here for a while now, you'll know why I started this blog. But what you may not know is why I chose the name. 'So I Thought' isn't really unique. There's a lot of sites out there that took that name over and over until… Continue reading The Story Behind ‘So I Thought’


6 Places I’d -Love- to Visit

I always had places I wanted to travel, but kind of knew it would never happen. That was until I ended up traveling farther and more often than I ever thought I would. Needless to say I've entertained the idea a bit more. So I thought I would share with you a few places that are too… Continue reading 6 Places I’d -Love- to Visit


New Years |r e s o l u t i o n s|

2018 is almost upon us and I can't believe it. Seriously, where did the year go?!? I've never really been one to make "New Year's Resolutions", I think I just know I'll never stick to them. Mentally I would say to myself, "Hey, a new year. This would be a great time to start afresh… Continue reading New Years |r e s o l u t i o n s|


Like Me

I cut my hair not to please you, but to please me. I color it colors of the rainbow to make me happy. Not you. I write to lighten my mind not to humor you. I empty my thoughts onto the pages my emotions taking shape my mind emptying. If you read my words I… Continue reading Like Me

book obsessed

– 5 Characters I’ll Never Stop Loving –

There are so many good books out there with sooo many characters that I totally wish I could meet in real life. Whether it be because I find them funny, inspiring, or just want to get to see them in action, I've got a long list. And when I say long list, I mean a looooong list. So… Continue reading – 5 Characters I’ll Never Stop Loving –