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Firstly, I'd like to apologize for whatever the heck happened last evening. Something went funny and sent you all an email saying this post was live, but upon clicking the link it told you it wasn't! Weird, but it's all fixed now. Today I've got a little collection of quotes that have caught my eye.… Continue reading | lovely words |


> the next chapter >

We're back in California! We've been back for roughly 5 days now, and jet-lag is finally deciding to start lifting it's hold on us. Jet-lag is obviously a lot more than just sleep deprivation, but sleep schedules have a LOT to do with it. Whether that means someone is wandering around at 3am or someone else is… Continue reading > the next chapter >



Somedays I feel like I'm drowning in thoughts. Not mine, everyone else's. I can't even hear my own thoughts buried under opinions I never asked for. Opinions aren’t a bad thing. Everyone has them, everyone should. It means they think for themselves and are their own person. But there’s a fine line between: ( having an… Continue reading LET PEOPLE LIKE THINGS


lunch + friends + flowers

One of our first students we had upon our arrival in China, was a boy named Alex. His mom didn't speak English at all, except maybe 'hello', and her daughter was a student of ours too. Over the past year and a half we've gotten to know them as well as we can with the now… Continue reading lunch + friends + flowers


– 50 Facts About Me –

This is a tag bloggers have been doing for ages and ages, so I decided to finally sit down and write this up for the fun of it. It's a long list so let's get started ... My middle name is Rose. Hence the whole 'Madi Rose' thing. One of my favorite smells is fresh… Continue reading – 50 Facts About Me –


|ice cream + exploring|

It is officially Spring here in China! A few weeks ago the trees all started to blossom, and everything started to go from dead sticks to all shades of green. The air was cool and the wind still whipped at every piece of skin that wasn't covered. Rain came every other day along with occasional… Continue reading |ice cream + exploring|


the end of a chapter

I’ve tried more times than I’d like to admit to convey in words and photos and anything else I can possibly think of what it was like to sell our home and majority of our belongings, say goodbye to family and friends, and move across the world. I’ve failed every time. Because there aren’t enough… Continue reading the end of a chapter