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It’s a little strange to drive around the town you’ve grown up in, with somebody who’s only seen snippets via pictures you’ve sent them. They don’t know what ‘Vons’ is, or they’ve never had ‘In N Out’ and are amazed by all the palm trees. Not gonna lie, I never noticed just how many palm trees we have around here. They are EVERYWHERE. unnamed-11

So as Corrie had never been to California, one day we just hopped in the car and drove off to see the scenery. We were up in Central Cali for the first few days at ‘Gleanings for the Hungry‘ where we’ve been staying the last couple of months.
We had Lily in the back seat, blared some music with the windows down, and took in the rolling hills, green grass, trees and fields of flowers. There was a little creek running through it all at one point, so being the rebels we are, we found somewhere to park, and walked alongside the road (and on the road) until we found a little spot that allowed us to get closer to the water.

It was gorgeous. Blue skies, cold wind, and just pretty views everywhere you looked.



Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.03.38 AM

After a few days at ‘Gleanings’, we drove back down to San Diego where coffee and tea stops were made often. Which made me happy, as I got to finally take her to a few of my favorite spots.
One night we went to ‘EscoGelato’ where we got to meet up with my best friend who was home for the weekend from college! It was so weird to watch two worlds collide, as they got along quite well due to their love for Jane Austen. There was a lot of good food, gelato, and chai lattes  to be had before we headed back home. Which is where the three of us sat laughing on the floor, attempting to talk in (awful) British accents while playing card games. A night well spent. ☺️


‘The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’ has always been one of my favorite places for a coffee/tea break. So obviously I made sure we drove by for a little breakfast stop … at noon.
We stayed up late the night before, okay??

As I don’t have my driver’s license just yet, Corrie was the designated driver for the week. Which made me the navigator. We were quite the pair, her not being used to the street names or California roads, and me just yelling random commands, trying to stay ahead of Siri as she tells us where to turn 30 seconds too late.
Let’s just say I’m surprised we ever made it anywhere.
But it did always make for an adventure. And it meant we always got to listen to a few more songs than we would have if we didn’t miss the freeway exit every time, or think that a city had a lot of ‘Creamistry’s’ when in reality they only had one that we kept looping around for 10 minutes.

Good times.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.03.38 AM


After a grocery and dinner run to Costco with Dad, we were on our way home, until Dad remembered a park up on a hill that was a perfect place to watch the sunset. So we raced against time to get to the top before the sun disappeared, and we made it! To the right of the picture above, we sat shivering in the wind watching the sun fall behind the ocean and got a pretty sick view of the city. Totally worth freezing for.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.03.38 AM



I swear we did more than eat and get coffee and tea. But at the same time I can confirm that a lot of time was spent deciding what to eat, and where to eat.
Another coffee place I knew I had to take Corrie was ‘Better Buzzed’. It’s become one of mine and my girlfriend’s favorite spots. There’s a little drive thru one near us, with adorable outdoor seating. Needless to say Corrie fell in love with it too.

… and yes we also got here for “breakfast” around noon. AGAIN, late night okay??


Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.03.38 AM


And it’s just not a California trip if you don’t go to the beach.

I personally am not a huge lover of beaches, as I just hate that sand gets everywhere, and you ride home itchy and in need of a shower. BUT Corrie is the same, so we drove out for the views, in jeans and jackets (it was pretty cold out) and hightop converse. Until we smelled the waves and sand, and saw the glittering water off in the distance and next thing you know our shoes were off, our jeans were cuffed, and we were knee deep in salt water.

unnamed-1We spent a while collecting rocks, shells, and jumping over waves before we hiked back to the car. We sat in the car for the next 15 minutes deciding what we were in the mood to eat, and then another 10 minutes trying to find something close by.
I’d go into the details, but all you need to know is that we both are very familiar with the area surrounding ‘Panera Bread’ now. Also there’s an employee there, a lovely lady, who will forever remember us as the girls slouched in a booth struggling to finish all the cheesy pasta that sat before us.

As it was Corrie’s last night (I honestly can’t believe how fast the week went by. It felt like I blinked and she was gone as soon as she came) we decided to head back out around 11pm and hit up ‘Peterson’s Donut Corner’. Then Walmart because Walmart is clearly the place you wanna be after 10pm.

The next morning she got on a plane, and was asleep in her bed back home before the day was over. It was so weird to go back to texting after actually talking to her face to face.

There are SO many more things we did, she got to meet my family, my friends, aunts and grandparents. We went to a local Farmer’s Market, fell asleep watching Netflix, walked through a palm tree cove, and I could go on and on and on, but I won’t.

As someone who gets their energy from being alone, and isn’t always known for being spontaneous or constantly on the go, I truly expected to be a bit wiped out from it all. But it’s been two weeks since she left now, and I’m still sitting here waiting for my adventure buddy to come back so we can explore and get lost again and again.

It’s rare to find another human who can be so alike yourself, yet oh so different. And she is that human. She loves meeting new people, going out and doing things, and not wasting any daylight. While I get so nervous meeting new faces, and am perfectly content to hide from everyone for days on end. Yet she was perfectly content to lie on the floor scrolling through Instagram for an hour in total silence, letting me recharge.

I could write up a billion posts about our time together, but I’ll leave it here until next time. She’s currently at work, so I’ve been sat here looking at Airbnbs while writing up a list of things to pack for Fall in Georgia.

Me? An obsessive over-planner?
. . . .









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5 thoughts on “Cali Adventures”

  1. Gorgeous photos!

    I met up with internet stranger-friends when I was your age, through an online blog I kept when I was younger. Some of them even wound up coming to my wedding (one all the way from Canada!) We’re still friends online.

    Brings back memories! Sniff sniff.

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  2. That was totally neat. I enjoyed it. It would take me a year to do what you all did in a week. lol. Looks like you are looking forward to a trip to GA? Been to Savannah, all I can say is, ‘when in the south eat fried chicken. Yum’. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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