How I Met My |Internet Pal| πŸ’•

“California, I don’t even know ya, taking me away from home.”

I was going to talk about the week full of adventures I had the other week with my dear friend Corrie. But I decided it might be a good idea to tell you how we met first.

Because you see, it’s an odd story.

Almost three years ago I was scrolling through Pinterest when I got a notification telling me that someone had “liked” something I had pinned. Cool.
Well then a few minutes later, I got another notification saying that the same person had commented on it too. Curious, I checked it out, laughed, and responded. I ended up checking out that person’s account, and strangely enough found that we had a lot of the same interests. So I decided to follow her.

Fast forward a few months and we knew each other by name, we talked off and on via comments and were acquaintances I guess you could say.

Next thing you know I’ve got a DM from her telling me how much she loves the band I constantly post about and that she found my blog! So I sat on my bed in China and messaged this girl every few days as she slept, and she would message me when I was sleeping. (the time difference was just about polar opposite)

When we came back to the States for good, I was able to access Pinterest a lot easier so we began to talk almost everyday. Until one night I was sat in a restaurant when I got a message from her. I opened it up to find her asking if she could just send me her number as it would make talking easier, but only if I was okay with it? I almost laughed aloud. I had been going back and forth with myself the past week, wondering if it would be too weird to ask her for her number!
So I sent her mine and next thing you know we’re texting each other everyday. All day we send each other updates on what we’re doing, silly things that we want to share, we make each other playlists on Spotify, cry with each other when our days aren’t so great, and she’s also the reason I take my phone with me everywhere. Because what if something happens I have to tell her about? What if she needs me and I wouldn’t know? My phone became Corrie in a way … that probably sounds stranger then I meant it to sound.

So we became close. Very close. But due to the fact that she calls Georgia her home, and mine for now is California … texting was as close as we got.
That was until one day we were joking (yet again) about how much fun it would be if we could meet face to face. Well she started really thinking about it, and I attempted to bribe her with things we would do, food we would get, people she would meet, etc. We wanted it to happen! It just kinda seemed like it never would.
Until she started getting serious about it, and I talked to my parents who for some crazy reason agreed to having a “stranger” fly out to live with us for a week. So she bought plane tickets and we waited. 3 months later she was on a plane, flying across the country to stay with a family she had only seen pictures of.

And she says I’m the crazy one.

Driving to the airport was nerve-racking. I can’t remember the last time I was so nervous. BEYOND nervous. What if she didn’t like me in person? Sure she’d seen me and heard me, but STILL. What if she though my family was crazy? (we are) What if she hated California? What if she was nothing like I thought she would be? What if she leaves in the middle of the night and I wake up in the morning buried under a Redwood?

But we met. Face to face. It was hands down, the most surreal experience of my entire life so far. I had SEEN her so many times, that actually hugging her and standing next to her, and talking to her just felt so … not normal.
The amount of times I grabbed my phone to text her during those first two days was hysterical. There was one time I picked it up, walked over and sat down across from her before realizing what I was about to do. I laughed and told her, “I was just about to text you!”

But the weirdness left as soon as it came, and we were inseparable.

We went on many adventures in the handful of days, places I’ve been a million times or places I’d never been. (but more on that soon) I still can’t believe that I met this girl online, and we “just happened” to have a list a mile long of things we have in common, and so we, “just happened” to become the best of friends.

Via what was created as a crafting website mind you!

She’s back home now, living her life. And I’m here in Cali, living mine. I appreciate my surroundings a lot more, and am ignoring the fact that she isn’t here by writing about her. So take that Corrie.

Adventures and stories post coming soon πŸ‘€


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