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| just another la la land rant |

Last December a movie came out featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. And that’s about all I knew about it. I follow a lot of people on social media and before I knew it my subscription boxes and feeds were full of how much everyone was in love with ‘La La Land.’


I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew everyone loved it and was crying over it quite a lot. I also knew it was a musical.

When we were back in the States I ended up seeing it. I wanted to like it but wasn’t sure if I would.

I freakin fell in love.

When the movie was still fresh in my mind and the emotions were raw, I was going to write up a rant to post. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t organize all my feelings in comprehensive thoughts. So I didn’t.

Then I went to the theater here with some girlfriends the other day and saw it again.

So I’m writing the rant now because this movie is just so beautiful and classy and wonderful and lovely and it feels like a crime to not talk about it, no matter how late it might be.

*** If you haven’t seen La La Land, firstly why not. What are you doing with your life. And secondly I’m about to get a little spoiler happy so read at your own risk ***


The whole story is amazing. Two people who have crazy dreams and are determined to follow them. Though the ending had me in tears and I have been tempted several times to rewrite the ending in myth head, it’s still amazing. It rips your heart to shreds and tugs on every emotion you’ve ever felt, but you’re happy in a strange way. They both got to achieve their dreams even though it was not at all how any of us wanted it to happen.

One of the reasons I fell in love with La La Land is it’s whole vibe. Sure they’ve got iPhones and all that, but the references to old Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart movies, the outfits, so much of it made you feel like you were watching ‘Singing in the Rain’ or something. It had the classic Hollywood vibe but with just enough modern touches. Not to mention the colors were on point. Mia’s (Emma Stone) yellow dress during ‘What a Lovely Night’ or any of her outfits to be honest were gorgeous. The whole movie was just so pretty to look at.


The music though. Oh. My. Gooooshhhhh. It makes me melancholy, makes me want to sob, it makes me want to basically just brings every emotion to the surface. Especially listening to it after you’ve seen it and you get hit with the feels all over again. (fun fact I’m listening to it right now) ‘City of Stars’ gets me every time. Though I love the version with both Emma and Ryan singing, the one of just Ryan…ugh.
‘Fools Who Dream’ is amazing. It’s just perfect. The lines “A bit of madness is key” or “With a smile she said, I’d do it all again.” It’s just amazing don’t argue with me on this.

Even the song at the beginning or the one with her roommates (I loved her roommates so much) were so good. Pure gold. The bit in ‘Someone in the Crowd’ where the music stops and she’s in the bathroom singing, and then she re-enters the party and the music has just about disappeared but then it slowly creeps back into the song as she walks through all of the people. The beat starts slow and quiet but then picks up and up and up and I love it so much. Also how ridiculously fabulous her and her girlfriends strutted and swung their dresses in the street was hysterically spectacular.


Mia and Sebastian are adorable. The first song they do together ‘What a Lovely Night’ is just about my favorite scene. Besides the fact it’s soooooooo ‘Singing in the Rain’, it’s just so cute. When Seb walks her to find her car and waits until she drives off before he walks all the way back to the party and you realize he didn’t have to walk with her because his car had been right there the whole time and you’re overwhelmed by the cuteness that is Mia and Sebastian.

Okay. But when they go to see a showing of Rebel With a Cause and they’re sitting there all dressed up and super cute but they’re a little shy, totally #dategoals. The bit where they both ease their hands towards each other and finally interlace hands is just so darn cute and pure. And then they go for a kiss but the movie ends up stopping and the moment is ruined but instead of letting the whole evening be ruined they go to the observatory where it was filmed and dance and it’s goooorrggeeoouuuss.


There’s so much I want to talk about, so many little tiny things that made up such a masterpiece. Facial expressions or little quirks that just made it that much better.

  • The fact that Seb remembered Mia had said her house was across the street from the library
  • Mia’s dancing at the pool party to make fun of Seb
  • Seb saying he couldn’t date a girl who didn’t like jazz, and then finding out Mia didn’t like jazz but she grows to love it because he loves it
  • The time he played at a jazz club and she was dancing to it and his smile when he saw her dancing to it … UGH
  • How Mia requested ‘I Ran’ at the party because he had been a jerk
  • And even though they had a terrible fight and he had temporarily sold out/gave up on his dream he still drove all the way to tell her she had an audition and even when she told him she couldn’t and wouldn’t go he told her to suck it up and he’d pick her up in the morning
  • Their little talk after her audition where Mia sits there watching him watch the sky and they say they’ll always love each other

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  • How Mia became the celebrity instead of the barista and her little smile because she knew how cool the transition was too
  • The way your heart just drops when you see her married to this man that is NOT Sebastian
  • When your heart sinks even further when you see her face when she sees the SEB’S sign with a musical note as the apostrophe
  • The initial eye contact they make and you could hear a pin drop and cut through the emotional tension with a saw
  • How Seb just sits down and it takes him a minute but then he starts to play all of their songs and in those horribly beautiful minutes you see all they could have been and the life they could have had
  • And the final notes it all ends on are the notes to their theme, the song that drew them together for the very first time and you want to cry and you are crying
  • And last but not least the final eye contact. Their smiles and his nod and the tears in their eyes and then it’s over and you’re crying on the floor wondering what you did to deserve this


I’m aware I’m obsessing. I’m aware that may have seemed like a lot. To be honest though I could have written another few pages because there was just so much. If you haven’t seen the movie well…that was your own fault for reading the spoilers. But if you HAVE seen it let me know what you thought. I know I can’t be the only one who fangirled like this because thanks to the internet I’ve seen quite a few other people leaving the theater sobbing and ranting just like me.

This movie is just so pretty. It’s so good. And it’s also pretty stupid because you have such a love/hate relationship with it.

But I highly recommend it. We’ve already got it pre-ordered and somehow I’ve found myself going to the theaters to see it for the third time in just a few days…but hey at least this time I can sing along as I know all of the words.