| chill vibes |

Lately I’ve been listening to music that’s more … chill I guess you could say. A lot more acoustic/hipster vibes and I’ve really really been liking it. I’ve created a whole playlist for songs like this, and through doing so I’ve discovered a lot of smaller groups or bands I’ve just never heard of before … More | chill vibes |

| traveling tips |

Never did I ever think I’d be traveling as much as I have in the last 2 years. I’ve been on more flights than I can count and I’ve got a section in my wallet stuffed full of tickets and boarding passes to prove it. Personally I’m a home/comfort girl. I find it relaxing and … More | traveling tips |

| colors |

the world is black and white the same words are repeated day in and day out mindless streams of useless information and ridiculous rules a world of color exists but is deemed nothing but a rumor an excuse for those who don’t want to live in shadeless grays people try to help loved ones loved … More | colors |

A Flood of Faces

:: the following words are for those who have read ‘A Sea of Masks’ ::  Imagine you’re in a town. And every way you turn you’re met by people. But they all wear masks. You don’t know if anyone is who they say are. You’re drowning in them. It gets to a point you don’t know … More A Flood of Faces

~ A Sea of Masks ~

:: the following words are ones that have been sitting here in a line of unpublished posts for a while now. thought it was about time they got brushed off and published. ::  365 days in a year. 6,750 days in 18 years. How can you think you’ve known something like the back of your hand for six … More ~ A Sea of Masks ~

An Announcement!

I like to write. I don’t just like to write though, I love it. I don’t always write something good enough to share, but I can tell you not many days go by that I don’t type up a poem or blog post that usually never sees the light. I like to talk to people about … More An Announcement!